Trump Pushes Pelosi Over The Edge – She Just Lost It On Live TV

Donald has Nancy short-circuiting in front of America…
In the past, Donald Trump has tried to work with Pelosi. He’s even offered numerous compromises in order to fix our border system, keep the government open, and rebuild our infrastructure.

What has he gotten in return? A speaker that slanders him publicly and wishes his incarceration in private.

So, in classic fashion, Trump has called out Pelosi and her scheming way. Nancy must really be having a hard time with it.

Because now, she can’t even talk about the man.
From The American Mirror:
Pelosi bristling at perfectly reasonable questions from @mkraju: "I don't care what you ask anymore. I'm not going to talk about him anymore." Him being Trump.

Embedded video

Nancy Pelosi is sick of talking about Trump, and she isn’t interested in discussing claims she’d rather see him in prison than impeached…
“I don’t care what you ask anymore,” Pelosi said. “I’m not going to talk about him anymore.”
During the interview, it seems like Nancy Pelosi really lost it when asked about Trump. She declared she doesn’t care, she’s not going to talk about him.
CNN gives her a softball to give Donald a hard time, but she’s too worked up about him to even take a swing.
Um… that’s not really good Nancy. He’s the president of the United States.
It’s up to him if your plans for America are going to happen. If you had an ounce of maturity or professionalism (or a bit of patriotism), you’d put aside your bitterness and actually work with the White House.

Clearly, she can’t. The woman is so obsessed, so maddened by TDS, that she refuses to even talk about the man.
As if he were her ex-boyfriend or something.

Hey, I have a solution, Nancy. How about you stop running for public office? Get out of Washington. That way, you never have to deal with Trump again!
Works for me. What do you all think?
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H/T: GOP Daily Brief


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