BREAKING: Black Lives Matter Leader Kept ‘Virtually All’ Donations

You may remember the inspiring story the liberal media pushed of a homeless black woman who became one of the most prominent members of Black Lives Matter, organizing over 900 events and taking in millions in donations that were supposed to help “raise black men and women” up in society. But Marquesha Johnson isn’t the woman the mainstream media said, and those donations only helped raise one black up: herself.
According to a class action lawsuit filed Wednesday, Johnson “solicited donations from vulnerable people to help others but instead used it to help herself.”

The documents filed Tuesday claim that Johnson bought herself a $1.2 million home as well as a Range rover and “other exorbitancies” rather than use her ill-gotten gains to help people.
Unfortunately, it’s likely that what she did was perfectly legal because shesolicited the funds through a GoFundMe campaign and the company is notoriously bad at working with police to crack down on scammers.
Johnson was questioned by police, but denies misusing funds. She refuses to hand over records.
As Johnson enjoys her money, blacks across America continue to suffer poverty, gang culture, and more.

I hope she’s pleased with herself.



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